Saturday, May 04, 2002

hi jen u kjno what i realize the blog i worked on at work like last week didnt work.. umm
hi jen,
u kno i feel so bad for not writing in here more. but i guess its just hard cause by the time im done writing checking emails it seems so difficult to type in more.l but yuah its a good creative outlet. lets see... i hope u did well on ur midterm and stuff... u are not the dumbest one in chinese, unlless evyerone else is a pure genius. i cant memorize any words at all. its going to be so tough for me if i took it for a grade . seriously.. i acfuatlly ended up getting a 90%% on my test which is like my highest grade all semester, which is werid too caue this chpate ris ssoo hard and i dint study for it at all, remember i fell asleep and dint wake up the next morning, but 1) the test was easy 2) i got really really lucky and like ididnt even recognize the words but made sentences out of them that possibly worked? whjo knows i dont question good grades..
well my formals were last night and i went with jack. umm its ok since hes just a firend but u kno he was not the ideal date. 1) he smoked 2) he was on his cell phone ALL night like he wuld leave the table for like 30 minutres to go talk on his cell phone, granted it was boring and stuff but stilll i meamn thats too much u kno? 3) he didnt open car doors 4) he didnt buy gifts 5) he was a messy eater 6) he like ate too quickly and too much 7) he didnt buy me a drink till the end, in fact i didnt want one so he just bought one for himself,m but i wanteed him to offer to buy me on u kno. so stupid.. im wondering if hsoiuld just use him and tell him to take me ot to lucnh,... and hes snoring right now, gross . well we watched the korean movie last night it was quite good im started crying again, its jujst so oo sad.. in fact i htink he was sniffling too.. WHEN r u going to watch it huh? man its soooooooooooooooooooooo good.
im having major diffuiiculties with my parnets and im glad i can write this out cuase i kno u can undersatnd this. ok whjen ic all my mom she says, "how come ur calling me hsoudlnt u be studying!!!?" can u belive this, seriously why is sh cocming., she went to 99 ranch and bought em groceries cause i told her i want to use the car when they come and drive to the grocery store.. this is insane. like i cant say anyhting she immediately tells me that i need to go study. i seriously dont se the point in her coming now. and they wont get ther etill like 4 pm and leaving tomo earlyt morning. so basically i wont be able to go use the car for anything except mayebe driving to someone's house tonite but no one wants to go out otnite cause its so close to finals and its like we just had formals last night .. maybe i can go swimming at annys? give me more suggestios if u think of anyhitng
also heidi was with peter last night hes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gay.. seirously like his voice is soo soft i cant even hear him too feminine. in addition to that hes just gay in general. like i threw it in his face that oh "by the way, im michelle, really good firends with JENnifer" he totally knew what i was trying to get to, i think he thinks uir agressive caue he got a scared look in his face. haha! i thik heidi and him talked bout it cause heidis like, oh he knows.. .. werid. i never told heidi how u feel bout peter, but maybe peter told her haha. whatevers hes gay.
ok i think thats a good blog i blog again later.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

i just came back from taking my chinese quiz. i think i missed like half of it. i feel so bad because the professor actually knows who i am and i'm sure she is judging me and thinking..uh this student is so dumb! man, i dont know why i dont study harder for chinese especially since its like one of my easiar classes. my eyes are so irritated. i dont know what happende, they itch like crazy because i think i got hand lotion in them. ahhhh sooo soo itchy.i have yoga tonight and a midterm tomorrow. usually, i would skip yoga but since i'm addicted i'll be going tonight. heh. anyways. i hope you study hard for chinese, unlike me. i'm sereoiusly the dumbest one in my class
Oh, This is very fun... yah now im kinda scared that people will realize we are blogging and then i cant really talk about in depth stuff.. but as of now i think no one will figure out our web thing so feel free to name names.. anyway.. jmak is telling u bout rcracing huh.. i wish we just knew if he was seriously pursuing u or if he is just wanting to be firends.. boys cause us such angst. i had that chinese skit thing rmemeber? well since no comp yet!!! (dell ah i hate u and i hate the far away post office) i was supposed to wake up early and go to computer lab and do my part there, but of course i dint wake up this morning when my alarm went off at 7 am, and i woke up when ups called bout my computer telling me its going to be delayed since they cant deliver to new address since its a computer, well anyway that phone call woke me up and I RAN to class today without make up or anything so gross with my skin being all acne and stuff, so im trying to hide in my office cause I don’t want to bump into the bai ren today when im looking all gross. But I guess maybe I should email him since im done with my paper and we planned to eat this week? What do u think bout that? Yah I talked to gill for like a 10/20 minutes after I got off with u I was like half asleep talking to him, but I felt bad cause he claims he was waiting for me to call him and he was falling asleep so he went to the boba shop so he woudlnt go to bed.. see things like this I don’t kno if hes serious or hes just saying it, I mean yah he did wait up for me but did he go to those extremes for what reason? Its just too werid. One more thing, I hate busy signals. Good luck with ur chinese I have a chinese quiz tomo too I think I am going to study cause its one of my last ones, and I prob did so badly on todays prsenation since I did not put in any effort! Basically typed up simple thoughts..

hey i got it to work. i have a chinese quiz soon but i cant seem to concentrate. this is going to be a bad week. hopefully it'll go by quickly and painlessly. oh i started my own blog . its at i htink..ttyl have a good day!
why isnt this wrokking
Hey Bubbi, we now are on the web! fabulous! Can you believe how cool this is? hmm. anyways, I guess are you going to sleep now. I really dont want to do my homework because I feel like i have WAY too much. Do you know what I mean? Like when you have so much work that you dont even wanna chisel away at it? Anways, my mind is too busy trying to figure out why i am so confused over certain boys. jmak just immed me and told me hes going rc racing tomorrow. i guess somethings NEVER change, huh? I am too sick of thinking about him so maybe i should stop. Um anyways, did you talk to ---- today? I have nothing left to say, i just wanted to start off our blog. Oh when i make my first million bucks i'll buy you that cartier watch that is sooo cool. ok? hopefully u are sleeping peacefully as i munch on jelly bellies. YUM!!