Friday, May 17, 2002

hi again.
its funny how sometimes i blog a lot and sometimes u blog a lot. i understand how sometimes u just dont feel like blogging. im eating burrito again. im obsessed with carne asada.. umm kinda getting grossed out with all these refried beans. i ate a bunch of junk food today. my diet will start very very soon. any updates on jkeff. its fridaey and u say him yesterday and today.. ok let me kno

Thursday, May 16, 2002

well bout jeff,, any news? u seem pretty stressed bout this paper. i hope u get it done.. is it due tomo?
i just went to marys graduation today, studied soehwat..going to shower and then study a little more then go to bed.. i forgot i am working tomo.. i am nopt too stressed bout school yet. i am happy i had a SUPER carne asada burrito.. yummy i feel sooo fat. though im going to majorly diet soon. ahh gross.ok i guess i will talk to u soon maybe hehe byebye

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

hi. jeff called me at 1:08 pm today. i am really excited.he seems weird tho. he called and asked if i was busy tonight. he invited me to go to a birthday party/dinner with him but get coffee first at around 5 pm. he wants to MEET at the coffee place, not pick me up. and i said i lived close to there and he was like ok, so i'll see you there ? maybe he was nervous. i dont KNOW! hmmmmm. i'm happy again
hi jen
this is werid to blog after so long. and espcially when im so strressed but maybve thats good cause then i can write away my worries and clear my head of stupid thoughts (like the eating evyerhting u want and having god tell u that its ok he wont add any centimeters around ur wasit) im crazy huh? i kno most people in my situation would be walking to the library right now or crying or at least openign my book but no not me., my books all on my bed covered with the ym magazine that features nelly fertado (shes gross looking and acts gross.. ghetto style.. sorry i kno u like her) but my way to counter stress is to stress till i break and then i have to sit down and study.
this is werid, danny thinks my room really really stinks.. i think it might acuatlly cause like i always think that in the morning the ordor is quite gross. like no vnetiliation i think i should just keep my windows open but u kno my fear of cold is quite a deterrant to that. but if u think bout it the fact that my room stinks is really quite sad.. umm what to do bout it. i treid thouse bath and body plug ins, the scnet of those things is quite overpowering too sweet and also the way the plugs are like i had to plug it in sidewayts and the liquid spilled out onto vivs stero system premantely scarring the surface of it! i sprayed some bath and body room spray but thast not very helpful either.
well enough bout that gross subject
my chinese oral.. eww not too great it was admittedly the worst in the class but im not concered at all. i slept instead of waking up to swtudy and somehow my hair was all dry and course today.. bad! but oh wells maybe tomo is a better hair day. luckily my face is getting less pimply , no new pimples in the last few days.. just the scarring now not bad.

so what did u wear for jeff today, ? since we talkwd bout i dont have anyhting new to say but i kno for sure hes not prettier than u. ur just crushing on him so u think he has all these cute qualities. lkinda like jmak when u thought he was great before and when u missed him u thought he was even better, and now u just hink hes gross. itll be the same wioth jeff. since jeff was stariong at u during class instead of payting attn to the teacher i take it a a good sign.l did u kno haerina and michael (jason s firend) hooke dup in korean class.. hehe in the middle of the smester.. he thought he never owuld have a chance wit hher so he never made any mvoes.. cute huh?
im checking my email every few seconds im waiting for my gsi to email me the grade of my paper.
ok so now about the msn article bout the deal breakser..that so cute we should start a loss of deal breakers.. i think its a cute list! well i could guess it all already. buut some of them i think is a given like "looks dirty" haha how many girls want their prince charming in a sanitary workers uniform. haha.. u kn how u think its impt that hes nice to waitresses.. well do u think its very impt to u that he tips highly, would u get pissed if he didnt leave big tips on the table for the waiteress.. im such a bad tipper. i hope guys dont find that a turn off. iom just vetry asian when it comes to tipping and i think ishoud change but sometimes i just dont think they deserve 15%.

wow iu dindt kno u fel that way bout talking on the cell phone, see i think its hard to expect a lot from a guyy if i dont do the same as well. like if i talk on the cell phone during the date then its only cause he talked on it too. so its not hypocrtical. i think im doing that from now on. unless its like my boyfirend or something and we are always togheter but if its the first few deats i want to pay attn to him
mine? i guess manyt of the same
being rude and ungentlmenly, not opening doors, not taking control of the situation, having too much acne, having a high voice or being feminene characteristics, someone i would be embarassed to introduce to my firends. so many deal breakers no ownd er i dont havea a bfr

work today, it was so good cause i got to get off at 3 30 instead of 5pm. i had to do some stupid stuff though like counting THousnads of cards.. i just estimated toward the end my nail broke from countring so much. but i am going to record my hrs as if i worked 5, cause my boss took me to take off early cause otherwise i would sit there for 1.5 hrs doing nothing. i think thats not really the ":legal" thing to do but oh wells. i dont think she says anyhting when she signs my time sheet. i dindt get to spend time with meraj really at all. just that few minutes were he was annoying. that formal pix of me and bryan i looked so fatl, but i guess in comparison with him im skinny ,,, the one and only good thing.. too bad viv is going to singpore and brvinging that dress with her.. otherwise u can wear it cause urlike just a little taller than viv right? so acuatlly u can share a lot of dresses with me too if u ever need one.
im glad u dont have anyhitng oing with jeff,, it hink hes oging thruy that thing of using u when he has time to spare.. sorry but i think hes not a good guy opther wise he would have never hurt u the way he did.
oik now im going to respond to the next blog u sent haha

i cant belive that u heard that att and vingualr rumour it cant be gtrue i will be very upset.. no i dont apply cream on the spots i put pimple cream caue then it would mitigate the ffects of pi mple cream. but i put it on my noise. i dont think night cream is suppsoed to make u break out though so it hsould be ok. maybe u can try some toner on ur noise? u use toner though normall from what i remember.. im surprised it still gets so oily.. maybe close up ur pores with some kinda mask? opr like those nose strips .. remember how popuyla there were not anymore huh?

wow u hae another blog.. haha ok this one seems long .its almost 1 am but ill repsoind ..
so bout sam pursing me. he emailed me again and i responded i was freindly. i think i will pursue the route of being a firendly coworker. ill be busy studying for final this weekend, and then going to la the weeend after that. and then vegas after that weekend so basically maybve i can have lunch with him and my fremale cowoerk that i want to set him up with sometime and thtsa it. i dont want his attn just firendship. i feind him kinda gross.
sorry my typing getting worse and worse

yup i bankers suck.. unless maybe u date one in the early stage before they get infleunced by their coworkers..i think we were just young and stupid thinking that we want to date them

bout gill.. yah hes falling asleep during our conversations now haha this is so sad. no i know hes not romantically intrerested in me either so thast not a reason. i dont kno , i think if two poeple love each other and stuff they will reallyt have an exciting converawtsions. i mean look at tracy and ian. they talk all the time and they live togheter. if after like one two years u run out of things to tell ur bf.. umm not a good sign gill still calls me evyer night. i dont feel anyhitng for himj at all prob like how u feel toward jason mak. just mild irritation at ties and other times mild interste.. nothing of excitement.

haha radical viewpoints on huiman population? did jeff support u on those points? did u say we should kill off all the china people hahahaha! that might offedn a few people.
i think all the other topics bout jason mak whatevers are already discussed in real time phone conversation. try to download di yi ci, by ping guan
i think i told u to before i dont kno if u liek it,, haha gill serneaded me that song recently. cause i told him its one of my fav songs.. he was kinda derunk.. but he is not a good singer so i kinda held lthe phone way from my ear.. ok
i think its a long long blog
i gotta do some work soon
have a good nite
if this gets erased ill kill blogger

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

dear bub:
How did your chinese oral final go?! Hopeuflly you didnt not sleep....sleep is the primary reason for bad skin and hair...sigh.

Today is is chinese is Jeff day. i tried to look cute and summery for him. alas, we did not talk! its so so werid. i mean i feel nervous saying hi to him because i have friends in that class that i usually sit and talk w/. he sits off to the side so i cant really go out of my way to like strike up a conversation. i think he is shy but he doesnt talk to me either.! ohh, i am so sad. its like workking urself up for disaster! So after class i'm walking w/ my friend Tracy and she was like "jeff was staring at you during class!" 'i'm like what the heck. right?! i thought i did everything right, i was nice and friendly, waited for him to call me. maybe i should have called him back to ask how his bowling experience was? but then, that is too forward. being straightforward is apparently NOT in the dating vocabulary. But, he looked sooososo good today too. He was wearing a Fenix-tx tshirt...this punk band that I LIKE TOO!! with nice jeans and new nike sneakers. He dresses pretty cleanly..i relaly like it. makes me feel like i should go shopping too. sigh. i dont know, he's prettier than me! haha.

ok, enough about jeff. So anywyas, i was reading this article on MSN talking about dating and waht not. there was an interesting articl about Deal Breakers (DB) basically, dealbreakers are characteristics that break your interest in a guy. For example, a deal breaker for me is smoking and being shorter than me. A deal breaker for you would be like long hair...the areticle suggested that we all have our own list of deal breakers to help us decide what we will and will not stand for from a guy. Here are some of mine:
shorter than me, smoker, looks off when i am talking to him (jmak did that a lot!), rude to waitresses, loses temper easily and acts violent, no ambitions, doesnt pay for me, doesnt open my doors, looks dirty, talks on cellphone when i am with him on date (maybe)

i guess thats a few. waht about u?

how was work today? i never asked you how the rest of your time w/ meraj went. good?! i am looking at you in your formals picture w/ looked so pretty and sweet. heehh. i really like that dress you are wearing. so skinny and shi mao! =) i have yoga tonight, jason mak is coming with me. we are talking again, i dont really feel anything for him....i think anymore. i am more concerned over jeff! sigh sniff. ok. i hope to talk to you soon.
lots of xoxo
hi. we havent blogged ina while. i am waitng for you to call me. i dont understand why AT&T is failing us so!! sniff...i hear cingular and att are merging into one! crazy. when you apply cream at night do you do your whole face? i used to but recently i've discovered that my nose is just too disgustingliy oils so i put acne medication on my nose and chin and only lotion on my forehead and cheeks. its been doing a bit better. maybe you can try if your nose is too oily. i hate my oily skin!!! i wish jeff would call me. i mean, i feel so strongly that i swould like him if he would just call. at what point did i offend him so he wouldnt call me"?!!? ok you are calling me now